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CSR & Climate Commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility

GRAHAM & POTT's standing is not built simply on the quality of its products, but also on our commitment to “GRAHAM & POTT CSR” (Corporate Social Responsibility). This commitment is perfectly demonstrated through our endeavours and initiatives comprising three main areas: environment, social and governance.

Environmental Responsibility

With a enduring reputation for quality and distinction, GRAHAM & POTT has taken a positive approach to minimise its environmental footprint.

  •       Carbon Footprint Reduction

GRAHAM & POTT has implemented energy-efficient measures in its manufacturing facilities. The company also uses renewable energy sources such as solar power to power its offices and facilities.

  •       Sustainable Packaging

GRAHAM & POTT is committed to reducing waste and promoting sustainable packaging. The company has implemented a packaging reduction program to reduce the weight and size of its packaging materials. The House also encourages patrons to recycle packaging materials and guides responsible disposal.

  •       Responsible Sourcing

GRAHAM & POTT is committed to responsible sourcing of ingredients and raw materials. The House sources its materials from Partner Organisations that adhere to responsible and sustainable practices. GRAHAM & POTT has established a Due Diligence Protocol for Responsible Supply Chain Management, which requires its suppliers and Partner Organisations to adhere to responsible sourcing practices, including ethical labour practices and environmental standards.

  •       Environmental Awareness

GRAHAM & POTT is committed to raising awareness of environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices among its employees and audience. The House has established an Environmental Management System (EMS) that sets environmental targets and measures progress toward achieving them. GRAHAM & POTT also conducts regular employee training sessions on environmental issues and sustainable practices.

Social Responsibility

GRAHAM & POTT is committed to supporting and improving the communities in which it operates. The House has established various initiatives which recognise individuals and organisations that have significantly contributed to improving the quality of life and preserving the environment.

Governance Responsibility

GRAHAM & POTT has a firm commitment to be ethical and transparent in its endeavours and its governance structure is designed to ensure accountability and transparency in its operations. GRAHAM & POTT’s Board of Directors oversees the House's endeavours, and its Code of Conduct outlines its commitment to ethical behaviour and responsible business practices.

  •       Code of Conduct

GRAHAM & POTT has established a Code of Conduct that outlines the House’s commitment to ethical behaviour and responsible business practices. The Code of Conduct covers various topics, including anti-corruption, conflicts of interest and environmental protection. The Code of Conduct applies to all employees and Partner Organisations and is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure compliance with changing laws and regulations.

  •       Board of Directors

GRAHAM & POTT’s Board of Directors oversees its operations and ensures accountability and transparency in its business practices. The Board of Directors comprises independent and non-executive members who oversee and guide the House’s strategy, performance and risk management. The Board of Directors is responsible for approving the House’s CSR strategy, ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct and monitoring the company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

  •       Supplier Code of Conduct

GRAHAM & POTT ensures its suppliers and Partner Organisations adhere to ethical and sustainable practices. The company has established a Supplier Code of Conduct that outlines its expectations for suppliers and requires them to adhere to ethical and sustainable practices. The Supplier Code of Conduct covers labour standards and environmental protection. GRAHAM & POTT conducts regular assessments of its suppliers to ensure compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct and takes appropriate action against non-compliant suppliers.

A Commitment To Earth & Society

“GRAHAM & POTT CSR” policies are exemplary and serve as a benchmark for other organisations. The House has made environmental responsibility an integral part of its operations, striving to reduce waste and minimise its ecological footprint.

It has also implemented ethical sourcing practices to ensure that the materials used in its fragrances are obtained sustainably and responsibly.

GRAHAM & POTT has taken several steps to reduce its carbon footprint as part of its Everlasting Earth Enterprise and Sustainability Drive, including using renewable energy sources. Additionally, the House supports environmental initiatives and partners with organisations that preserve natural resources.

By setting such high standards across its policies, GRAHAM & POTT hopes to be a pioneering example for other organisations to follow in its sustainability efforts in order to preserve the planet for future generations.

Climate Commitment

We strive to clean up after ourselves.

That is the reason that GRAHAM & POTT is proud to support cutting-edge organisations that remove carbon from the air.

Together, participating organisations have:

  • Removed thousands of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere
  • Provided carbon-neutral shipping on more than ten million orders

For every order placed through our official online boutique, a formula is used to calculate the estimated shipping emissions. Based on those estimates, a portion of the revenue goes to carbon removal organisations vetted by scientists from Carbon Direct. Those organisations use the funds to remove however much carbon our shipment may have created, with any additional funds going towards the further development of carbon removal technologies.

An introduction to a few of the organisations removing carbon from the sky.

Grassroots Carbon

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Grassroots Carbon helps ranchers modify land management practices to improve soil and ecological health, which captures and stores more carbon in soil.

Mast Reforestation

Mast Reforestation combines proven forestry practices with new technology to regrow healthy, resilient, climate-adapted forests lost to wildfires. Mast’s services include seed collection, seedling cultivation, reforestation services and financing based on high-quality carbon removal credits.