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Sustainable Development

Amidst the House’s renowned pursuit of excellence and everlasting quest to transcend, as a result of our unique relationship with nature we strive to continuously improve not only the quality of our fragrances, but also our environmental performance and social impact.

The long-term scope of the House Philosophy is deeply entrenched within our core values – our pursuit of excellence, our spirit of innovation and our everlasting quest to transcend – are based upon concepts of permanence that define our every undertaking across all arenas.

Since its inception, it has always been chief amongst the House’s missions to create fragrances that inspire, support and celebrate the finest in human achievement while appreciating the gift that is nature. Today, these achievements include sustainable development to meet the requirements of the present with a keen eye to the future.


  • Adapt to the challenges of tomorrow through our pioneering spirit of innovation and quest to transcend.
  • Develop more responsible production processes.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing and commercial endeavours.
  • Ensure impeccable conduct across our entire value chain.
  • Ensure responsible sourcing.
  • Support all our Partner Organisations in their sustainability efforts.
  • Promote the wellbeing, health and safety of our employees.
  • Support and encourage training, learning and development to ensure our unique fragrance-making savoir-faire is passed on.
  • Encourage diversity and inclusion within our organisation.
  • Support and encourage explorers, scientists and environmentalists to better understand the needs of Planet Earth and the challenges it faces in order to develop practical and effective solutions.


We are responsible and committed to the creation of sustainable products.

In line with the House Philosophy, The Ten Principles of the House and The Benchmark of Excellence, we take concrete action to both promote and support sustainability through our exclusive network of Partner Organisations comprised of the world’s most prestigious cultivators, harvesters and horticulturalists.

The House acts responsibly in the operation of its manufacturing activities. Along with the long-termism of the House Philosophy, our numerous endeavours are centred around innovation so that we may rise to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The House’s high standards of excellence and quest to transcend mean that we are continuously perfecting our fragrances and ensuring that our unique fragrance-making savoir-faire is passed on, along with working endlessly to improve our environmental and social performance by measuring our impact worldwide.

To create sustainable products while implementing best practices is paramount amongst the House’s missions, both within our operation and along our entire value chain comprising our exclusive network of Partner Organisations worldwide.

The House strives to create recyclable products and do everything within its power to control the consumption of energy, natural resources and raw materials. We also work to reduce emissions of pollutants as much as possible. In addition, we are focused on ensuring that the highest standards are applied in terms of traceability with regard to our ingredients and raw materials. In every arena – from our supply and manufacturing to distribution – we take action along our entire value chain in order to reduce its environmental and social impacts.

We develop long-standing and enduring relationships with our partners, representatives and ambassadors, in an approach that is founded on respect, recognition and transparency.

Good governance and ethics are at the heart of the House’s industrial and commercial activities, as well as dialogue with our stakeholders. We carry out all of our various endeavours with respect for our employees, partners and patrons, with a view to inspiring a collective commitment to sustainability. We ensure the wellbeing, health and safety of our employees and encourage diversity and inclusion. At company level, we act for current and future generations by paying particular attention to continuing professional development and learning. We also guide and support our Partner Organisations, service providers and official retailers in their actions to promote sustainable development, and work to ensure that our patrons receive products of the very highest calibre.

We help protect the planet and take action for future generations.

The House has been firm in its support of individuals and institutions who are committed to the environment and are working to find solutions to meet today’s challenges, with a keen eye on the objective of preserving the planet for future generations.


Since its inception, the House’s principles of sustainability have underpinned its development and rise:

The House of GRAHAM & POTT itself and its fragrances are created to inspire, with an emphasis on ingenuity in its pursuit of excellence. The creation of an elegant and enduring product is at the very core of the House Philosophy. Our product is created to be recyclable, with the objective to preserve, maintain and assure what is already in existence.

Throughout the House’s illustrious history, we have continually worked to improve the quality and social and environmental impact of our product, which can be distinguished in particular by The Great Seal of House – the symbol of their quality and longevity.


Responsibility and concrete actions are firmly rooted in the House’s values, culture and philosophy and we are currently on course to make further developments to the latter.

This is an essential step in enabling the House to progress and make positive contributions to developments within the sector.

In 2019, the House was proud to unveil its 'Sustainable Development Drive' to formally dispatch our environmental and social duty, an initiative that strengthened all efforts hitherto being made to promote and encourage sustainability.

The House has instituted a robust governance model to define an internal sustainability policy and to ensure it is implemented in a tangible and multidisciplinary manner across its various endeavours both in the United Kingdom and across our network of Partner Organisations worldwide.

Concrete measures are in place to reduce our impact across all arenas, from the sourcing of raw materials to the production of the finished article, including distribution and other processes.

Responsible sourcing, traceability of ingredients and raw materials, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy transition, chemicals management, water treatment, waste management, recycling and waste-cutting measures, mobility, transport and logistics are some of the core focuses of our everyday activities, in addition to our various programmes promoting innovation, knowledge transfer and protecting the planet.

Sustainability, ethics and compliance
  • Sustainability Strategy Committee was established in 2022. Its mission is to define, validate and lead the GRAHAM & POTT sustainability strategy.
  • Sustainability Advisory Council was instituted in 2022 to advise GRAHAM & POTT on sustainable development challenges within the fragrance-making sector, such as climate change, biodiversity, water and in particular all issues relating to ingredient and raw material traceability and human rights.
  • An Impact and Sustainability Department is tasked with coordinating the company's sustainability strategy and supporting its roll-out in the United Kingdom and overseas, guiding internal stakeholders, and managing change within GRAHAM & POTT. It is also in charge of improving and measuring the actions of GRAHAM & POTT in the non-financial field.
  • Sustainability Steering Committee, instituted in 2022, supports the work of the Sustainability Strategy Committee. It comprises one or more representatives from each Division of GRAHAM & POTT LIMITED. This committee oversees the roll-out of the sustainability strategy and the implementation of the related action plan.
  • An Ethics and Compliance Committee, instituted in 2022, is responsible for risk management across the supply chain and for the roll-out of the supplier selection methodology in the United Kingdom and overseas. This committee is in charge of implementing due diligence and compliance roll-out strategy.
Sustainable Development Charter

In order to involve as many of Partner Organisations as possible in our sustainable development efforts, the House instituted a charter specifically for this purpose. This official document formalises a voluntary commitment to both the Earth and its inhabitants, and aims to encourage and develop joint efforts that will benefit the greater good in addition to future generations.

With this charter, we commit to adopting a responsible outlook and implementing concrete sustainability measures throughout the House’s value chain. We request that our partners demonstrate their own commitment by signing the charter in an approach based on trust, transparency and ultimately, respect.

Ingredient and raw material traceability

The House of GRAHAM & POTT enacted a series of motions over the past several years that have enabled us to track our supply chain and ensure the traceability of our ingredients and raw materials.

We strive to utilise both natural and man-made materials in a fitting manner, ensuring the safety of our employees and wider audience, in addition to considering their impact on the environment.


Not long after its involvement in industry began, the House expressed its desire to participate in improving the working conditions in cultivation, harvestry and horticulture all around the world.

For nearly a century, the House has supported expeditions to the most remote locations in the farthest reaches of the globe, which gave it exclusive access to the rarest and most exotic ingredients and raw materials for use in crafting its masterpieces. Today, expeditions for sheer discovery have grown into exploration as a means to preserve the natural world. With this change in the association, the desire to discover has been joined by a solemn duty to preserve the Earth.

The Everlasting Earth Enterprise strengthens the House's enduring support to those on a mission to understand the environmental issues and challenges facing the Earth, and proposing viable solutions to confront them.

Everlasting Earth Enterprise

Through its exclusive network of Partner Organisations comprising the world's most prestigious cultivators, harvesters and horticulturalists, the House has provided encouragement, backing and support to a wide variety of local projects – which has included explorers scientists and conservationists – with the objectives of recognising the obstacles facing the Earth and finding solutions to surmount them.

For over half a century, our privileged relationship with the world of exploration has encouraged us to reinforce our bonds with partner organisations that are as devoted to understanding and preserving the world as we are.

Since 2019, our joint efforts have been unified and combined under the banner of the Everlasting Earth Enterprise, and are centred on three critical endeavours: discover, accomplish and inspire.


To better comprehend Planet Earth and the challenges it faces. This is at the heart of the encouragement and support we provide to expeditions around the world.


By taking action to overcome the challenges threatening our environment, to preserve ecosystems worldwide, to negate the effects of climate change and to assist impacted communities.


To provide both inspiration and encouragement to future generations of explorers, scientists and environmentalists by nurturing relationships with leading figures and key policymakers. This is also what motivates the House to support those that endorse the sharing and transfer of knowledge in the fields of science, exploration and conservation.