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History of the House

     A noble house of luxury established in 1890, GRAHAM & POTT was originally founded as a cloth manufacturer, and evolved over the centuries to an exquisite haut-de-gamme parfumerie.

This unique story began when Mr. Pott, in a bid to protect his cloth from odorous ships, started folding his very own homemade English marmalade scented paper neatly inside every metre of cloth bound for maritime export, in the days when cloth woven in England would be on journeys for months on end. When patrons finally received their goods, they were immediately struck by the zesty orange note which came from the marmalade. This eventually led to creation of the original GRAHAM & POTT House fragrance - the rest, as they say, is history. 

For over a century, the House of GRAHAM & POTT has been directly involved in the creation of unparalleled elegance, cementing its global standing as a noble house of luxury. Leaving behind a legacy of unrivalled parfums inceptions, prized by both connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike - perpetually evolving, eternally in search of transcendence.


GRAHAM & POTT and the Natural World

The House of GRAHAM & POTT creates many of its concentrations and essences using traditional infusion techniques, enabling its artisans to maintain both supreme quality and uniqueness in production. Intricate and meticulous, the use of these traditional methods is driven by the House Philosophy, which has always been dedicated to the creation of exquisiteness and poetry. As one of the core tenets of the House, exceptional care and rigorous attention is spent on sourcing and utilising only the finest and the highest quality raw materials in every parfum inception. 

The House of GRAHAM & POTT has forged and nurtured a privileged relationship with Nature, her values, her elements and her ingredients, a distinctive bond dating back to its founding. Today, the House maintains deep-rooted ties with the most prestigious cultivators, horticulturists and harvesters, sharing the highest standards of excellence and time-honoured values with the custodians of Nature’s finest spirit. 

Rose de Mai from Grasse, Orange from Seville, Bergamot from Calabria, Damascene Jasmine, Sandalwood and Vétiver from India, to name but a few of the attributes considered sacrosanct to the House. Set upon a backdrop of England’s green and pleasant lands, the House of GRAHAM & POTT is involved in a perennial bid to inspire through its inimitable and subtle creations. 

GRAHAM & POTT - The Art of Conceptualisation

Behind the scenes at GRAHAM & POTT, fragrance conceptualisation and realisation is a fascinating voyage in itself; scouring the world in an eternal quest to evolve and innovate, all the while adhering to the quintessence and core ethos of the House.

Of all the unique and enchanting aspects of fragrance at GRAHAM & POTT, it is unquestionably the great inconstant that is the most joyous. While the standard of excellence is everlasting, much like variations in harvests and crops that have been exposed to varying degrees of sunshine, or a higher proportion of rainfall, the inflections of fragrance vary seductively with every variation in harvest, as intended by Nature, and for the true connoisseur, is when a fragrance breathes and truly comes to life.

The House’s parfums creations are all meticulously conceived and formulated according to the strict principles and high standards of excellence espoused by GRAHAM & POTT, but each harvest will also evoke its very own distinctive characteristic, as decreed by Nature, her elements and her ingredients - here is the beguiling splendour and refinement at the very core of the House of GRAHAM & POTT.

Drawing inspiration from its uniquely rich heritage and the finest elements and ingredients found in Nature, the artisans of the House of GRAHAM & POTT have mastered the art of reimagining luxury fragrance, and redefining the spirit of excellence.