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GRAHAM & POTT was established in 1890 at the height of the Belle Époque as a manufacturer of the finest quality cloths. Over the generations, GRAHAM & POTT has clothed some of the most prominent and distinguished figures in history, evolving into an exclusive luxury lifestyle brand, and expanding its product portfolio to specialise and excel in the fields of luxury perfumes created from the very finest raw materials and to the very highest standard.

GRAHAM & POTT takes its design cues from nature, with the brand’s DNA deeply influenced by both its beauty and majesty. Inspired by the serenity and love of the English countryside, GRAHAM & POTT looks to blend elements of nature into its creations, infusing its handcrafted goods with authenticity while striving to maintain the highest quality. From the rarefied wool used it its worsted cloths, to the finest calf leather on display in its leather goods, to the splendour of cashmere found in its scarves, and finally to the noblest of all creatures; the eminent Vicuna, GRAHAM & POTT strives to make use of all luxury that nature has, eschewing anything that may compromise the brand’s core values.

As a niche luxury brand, we are both reimagining luxury and redefining what luxury means today. Focused on creating highly exclusive products made of the very finest of materials to the highest standard, GRAHAM & POTT strives to ensure that all products are simultaneously unique and sustainable.

GRAHAM & POTT’s perfume range has been a quarter of a century in the making. Overseen by some of the most distinguished and talented perfumers across the globe, each unique scent telling its very own story.