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Derived from Amber, the hardened resin of ancient trees hundreds of millions of years old, this exquisite elixir educes an enigmatic sensuality that luminesces with the resplendent vitality and warmth of the sun. Like a precious stone, Amber has entranced humanity for millennia with its spellbinding magnificence.

A symphony of rare and exquisite notes meticulously crafted to The Benchmark of Excellence that the House is renowned for, through its matchless brilliance, the high-quality precious raw materials selected by GRAHAM & POTT endow IMPERIAL AMBER with unbridled distinction, everlasting warmth, and irresistible charm.

At its inauguration, a combination of Calabrian Bergamot with the sun-drenched sophistication of Floridian Grapefruit; a harmonious dance of citrus brilliance that sets the stage for the sensory masterpiece that unfolds.

As the fragrance matures unveiling a rich tapestry of passion and intrigue, sumptuous Rose, with each petal a testament to love's enduring elegance, and Ceylon Cinnamon, with its delicate sweetness, intertwine effortlessly, while elusive Cambodian Agarwood adds a touch of exotic mystique, resonating like a whisper.

The voyage reaches its crescendo in the embrace of the base notes, where Mediterranean Amber reigns supreme – a golden elixir that transcends time, with Sumatran Patchouli adding an earthy richness, grounding the fragrance in grandeur, while Atlas Cedarwood imparts a regal strength to deliver a parfum creation that transcends time and elevates to a realm of unparalleled luxury.


Top Notes: Calabrian Bergamot, Floridian Grapefruit

Heart Notes: Rose, Ceylon Cinnamon, Cinnamon Agarwood

Base Notes: Mediterranean Amber, Sumatran Patchouli, Atlas Cedarwood

Concentration: Parfum

The Art of Brilliance

A unique combination of ingredients, sequenced, layered, and balanced according to the House’s rigorous principles of excellence and spirit of innovation. Through a complex series of processes, a GRAHAM & POTT fragrance is a paradox of simplicity and artful sophistication.

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