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The House Philosophy

The Art of Brilliance

The House of GRAHAM & POTT creates many of its concentrations and essences using traditional infusion techniques, enabling its artisans to maintain both supreme quality and uniqueness in production. Intricate and meticulous, the use of these traditional methods is driven by the House Philosophy – known as The Art of Brilliance – which has always been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.

As one of the core tenets of the House, exceptional care and rigorous attention is devoted to the sourcing and use of only the finest ingredients, natural extracts and botanical wonders from around the world in its parfum conceptions.

Behind the scenes at GRAHAM & POTT, fragrance conceptualisation and realisation is a fascinating voyage in itself; scouring the world in an eternal quest to evolve and innovate, all the while adhering to the quintessence and ethos of the House.

Of all the unique and enchanting aspects of fragrance at GRAHAM & POTT, it is unquestionably the great inconstant that is the most joyous. While the standard of excellence is everlasting, much like variations in harvests and crops exposed to varying degrees of sunshine, or a higher proportion of rainfall, the inflections of fragrance vary seductively with every variation in harvest, as intended by nature, and for the true connoisseur, is when a fragrance breathes and truly comes to life.

Ever since its establishment in 1890, GRAHAM & POTT has always used exquisite raw materials to compose its masterpieces. Alongside creating splendid fragrances, the House makes a point of honouring the artful sophistication of the most complicated parfums with ingredients sourced exclusively from the very finest cultivators, harvesters and horticulturalists.


The House’s parfum creations are all meticulously conceived and formulated according to the strict principles and high standards of excellence espoused by GRAHAM & POTT, but each harvest will also evoke its very own distinctive characteristic, as decreed by nature. Here is the beguiling splendour and refinement at the very heart of the House of GRAHAM & POTT.

Drawing inspiration from its uniquely rich heritage and the finest elements and ingredients in nature, the artisans and master perfumers at GRAHAM & POTT have redefined the spirit of excellence and mastered The Art of Brilliance comprising the House's Five Noble Arts.

GRAHAM & POTT and The Five Noble Arts

The Art of Extraction

The House of GRAHAM & POTT has perfected the delicate craft of capturing the purest and most enchanting essences from nature's bounty. The process of extraction is an intricate dance between tradition and innovation. Meticulously cultivated ingredients take centre stage in this olfactory symphony, with each petal a vessel of botanical poetry. The journey begins with the careful selection of only the most pristine blooms, plucked at the peak of their fragrance and sourced through the House’s exclusive network of Partner Organisations comprising the world’s most prestigious cultivators, harvesters and horticulturalists.

Traditional methods harmonise seamlessly with cutting-edge technology as petals undergo a gentle yet precise process known as enfleurage. This time-honoured approach ensures that the resulting essences retain the full spectrum of their delicate fragrance, capturing the very soul of the blossom.


The master perfumers at GRAHAM & POTT, armed with an unwavering commitment to quality, then gracefully weave these precious extracts into compositions, creating fragrances that are not just olfactory experiences but sensorial journeys. The end result is a testament to the House's dedication to l’Art du Parfum, where the purest essence –sourced from the most natural environment – becomes a signature note in a timeless creation.

WIthin every flacon bearing The Great Seal of the House, there is a story of passion, craftsmanship and a commitment to preserving the exquisite beauty of nature's most fragrant blooms. The Art of Extraction at GRAHAM & POTT is a celebration of tradition, innovation and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

The Art of Infusion

In the enchanting realm of GRAHAM & POTT, The Art of Infusion seeks to transform natural wonders and botanical treasures into elixirs that tell tales of tradition, craftsmanship and unparalleled sophistication. In the sanctum of infusion, the craftsmen at GRAHAM & POTT orchestrate a meticulous ballet of time and technique. Patience is verily a virtue, as the infusion process is a slow, deliberate dance that allows the flavours and aromas to unfurl gradually, revealing their complexity and depth.

The Art of Infusion at GRAHAM & POTT extends beyond the mere extraction of essences; it is an alchemical journey where skilled artisans transform raw materials into liquid poetry. The House dedication to preserving the integrity of each element is evident in every drop, as the essences are coaxed and cajoled into revealing their most sublime qualities.


As the infused concoctions and essential oils mature in cellars, they undergo a gentle metamorphosis acquiring a richness and complexity that is the hallmark of true craftsmanship. The resulting elixirs bear the unmistakable signature of the House’s renowned artistry.

Within the fragrance-making craft, where innovation converges with tradition, GRAHAM & POTT's Art of Infusion stands as a testament to the enduring allure of timeless craftsmanship. With every infusion, the House continues to elevate the sensory experience, inviting connoisseurs into a world where the finest ingredients sourced from the farthest reaches of the globe are transformed into liquid dreams, and each flacon tells a story of passion, precision and the artistry of GRAHAM & POTT.


The Art of Layering

What sets GRAHAM & POTT apart is not only the selection of unparalleled notes but the seamless mastery with which these individual layers are sequenced and intertwined to create a superlative parfum of veritable distinction. The sequencing and hand-layering of every single note are at once a tactile art, an alchemical fusion of science, and intuition.

They are also an art of subtlety – an exploration of transitions that mirror the ebb and flow of emotions. Each composition becoming a masterpiece, a testament to the refined artistry that has come to define the House today, with The Art of Layering a sensory ritual and exploration that unveils a world where fragrance becomes an intimate expression of one's essence.


With a discerning eye for balance and nuance, for the master perfumers, artisans and craftsmen of GRAHAM & POTT, each product is not merely fragrance but a sensorial masterpiece that enables one to explore gradations of scent to create unparalleled luxury – an olfactory symphony where each layer resonates with the essence of refined elegance. Whether a harmonious blend of florals or a juxtaposition of contrasting accords, the result is a tapestry of fragrance that reflects an individual essence with incomparable sophistication.

To embark on a GRAHAM & POTT fragrance voyage is to surrender to the savoir-faire of The Art of Layering – an exquisite tale where each note is a carefully chosen word, and every composition a literary masterpiece of scent. The House of GRAHAM & POTT, with its refined expertise, invites patrons to immerse themselves in an unsurpassed level of olfactive indulgence – an experience that transcends and defines the pinnacle of olfactory craftsmanship.


The Art of Blending

The craft of fragrance-making ascends to new heights at GRAHAM & POTT with The Art of Blending unfolding like a symphony of scents. Nestled within the delicate dance between botanical essences and skilled craftsmanship, the air is infused with an intoxicating blend of creativity and tradition as artisans of the House meticulously weave together fragrant notes to compose an olfactory masterpiece, with each creation a testament to the artistry inherent in the delicate balance of head, heart and base notes.

Rare blooms, exotic spices and precious woods converge to create symphonies of scent that resonate with sophistication and emotion. As the fragrance develops, the alchemists delicately adjust the composition, ensuring that each note harmonises seamlessly, telling a unique olfactory story.


From the floral whispers of a summer garden to the exotic allure of oriental spices, GRAHAM & POTT captures the essence of culture, nature and emotion in every flacon. The House’s refined compositions and parfum complications are not merely scents; they are encapsulated memories, moments in time bottled for patrons to carry with them creating an indelible impression wherever they go.

The Art of Blending itself is a celebration of individuality and self-expression. Artisans of the House, with their keen noses and artistic sensibilities, craft an experience that goes beyond the sense of smell. It is an invitation to explore the intangible, to discover the transformative power of scent and to embrace the artistry of blending as a timeless expression of elegance and identity. In the world of GRAHAM & POTT, every fragrance is a masterpiece, and every wearer the living canvas through which art unfolds.

The Art of Maceration

Within the sacred realm of GRAHAM & POTT, artistry intertwines with alchemy and the venerable craft of maceration and percolation are a time-honoured symphony of patience and precision. Like a maestro conducting a masterpiece, House alchemists orchestrate a dance of fragrant notes, guiding them through an intricate ballet of extraction and infusion, The Art of Maceration unfolding, transforming raw ingredients into olfactory poetry.

A silent ballet of essence and time, maceration is the process by which botanical wonders surrender their soul to the embrace of carrier oils or spirits. This alchemical dance demands not only the finest raw materials, but a trained artisan's savoir-faire of the nuances inherent in each precious blossom, leaf or resin. In the heart of this aromatic alchemy patience reigns supreme as nature's symphony harmonises with the slow passage of time. As days turn into weeks and weeks into months, the fragrant elixirs within the vessels transform, absorbing the essence of time itself.

It is a dance of molecules, an alchemical ballet where the spirit of each botanical surrenders to the alchemist's artistry. The essence of the botanicals, whether petals kissed by dawn or resins harvested under a sun-soaked canopy, surrenders its quintessence to the patiently waiting carrier. Artisans of the House, in their quest for the sublime, know that time is both ally and accomplice in this fragrant rhapsody.

The beauty of maceration lies not only in its transformative power but also in the intangible, ineffable quality it imparts to the final composition. It is a process that transcends the tangible, inviting the master perfumer to embark on a sensory pilgrimage, a journey into the very essence of nature's fragrant tapestry.

It is a whispered promise of olfactory opulence. A promise that, when fulfilled, unveils a parfum creation that transcends time, carrying within its delicate notes the echoes of an ancient art, a testament to the marriage of nature's bounty and human ingenuity, setting GRAHAM & POTT as an unrivalled beacon of fragrance-making excellence. In every flacon, the essence of time and nature converges, creating an olfactory experience that transcends the boundaries of luxury to leave an enduring legacy.



The House of GRAHAM & POTT enjoys a unique stature and reverence among connoisseurs, which is not only due to the exquisiteness of its fragrances and the artistry of its craftsmen. This standing also stems from the consistency to which it has remained faithful in its endless quest for excellence ever since its foundation in 1890.

The Way of GRAHAM & POTT is perfectly encapsulated in The Ten Principles of the House, a fundamental set of values that not only define the House today, but will continue to for generations to come.



GRAHAM & POTT is uniquely positioned as a result of its independence. This freedom has enabled the House to control its own destiny in its everlasting pursuit of excellence. Benefitting from complete creative liberty, GRAHAM & POTT develops and crafts its fragrances and parfum complications according to its own benchmark principles set forth in The Great Seal of the House. This resolve to maintain its freedom is at the very heart of The Way of GRAHAM & POTT, ensuring vigour, vitality, dynamism and ultimately, brilliance.



The history of the House of GRAHAM & POTT, established in 1890, is part of the United Kingdom’s great tradition of luxury. A legacy borne out of the experience and ingenuity of countless generations that safeguards and breathes life into the House. It is a tradition of innovation that perpetually evolves and reinvents itself. True to noble artisanal techniques, artisans and master craftsmen continually maintain this distinguished heritage, lending their expertise and deftness of touch to the fine art of fragrance-making, while remaining true to the spirit of innovation which permeates across the House.



In keeping with the House’s distinguished history, GRAHAM & POTT continually tests the boundaries of fragrance-making artistry through its novel parfum conceptions at the cutting edge of innovation. The House has asserted its pioneering role not least by successfully utilising a multitude of ingredients sourced directly from nature, including several of cardinal importance to the history of fragrance. In the same context, The Great Seal of the House of GRAHAM & POTT was instituted as a hallmark of quality, distinction and excellence, symbolising the uncompromising precision that goes into every parfum creation.



The founders of the House had but one objective: to imagine and create the finest luxury in the world. Today, more than ever, excellence and master craftsmanship remain amongst the guiding principles at GRAHAM & POTT, which applies to the delicate hand-layering of ingredients and external elements, technical conceptualisation and the precision and performance of the fragrance. The House of GRAHAM & POTT stands by all the commitments concretised in The Great Seal of the House, the most exclusive of quality commitments in the entire craft.


GRAHAM & POTT has always conceived each parfum as an exclusive creation. Under 20 different parfums are in regular production, crafted by the House in minimal quantities of between a dozen and several hundred flacons, each infused with distinctive qualities. The calibre of the parfums and flacons is highly appreciated by fragrance enthusiasts. Meticulous expertise is applied to every step of the production process and the many months invested in realisation make every GRAHAM & POTT parfum a unique, rare and exquisite objet d'art prized by true connoisseurs.



Every GRAHAM & POTT parfum epitomises centuries of genuine experience and endless months of preparation. Consequently, it is an exquisite asset that will retain and perhaps increase in distinction over the years. Many GRAHAM & POTT parfums are genuine cult objects that are highly sought after and deemed a desirable and intrinsic possession amongst collectors.



The alluring grace of a GRAHAM & POTT fragrance is more than meets the nose. It is also an expression of its technical and artistic magnificence. Its composition outlives fleeting modes and continually conveys contemporary beauty. GRAHAM & POTT has instituted its very own timeless, understated and inimitable style, a harmonious blend of charm and subtlety, elegance and individuality, inspiring true fragrance classics. It defines the creation and subtly evolving refinement of fragrances that simply retain their temptation – yesterday, today and tomorrow.


When patrons of GRAHAM & POTT converse about fragrance, they will do so with stories about spirit, fervour and admiration. After all, a parfum developed and crafted by the artisans of GRAHAM & POTT is far more than just a fragrance. It is a unique, vigorous and inimitable article infused with dreams. The acquisition of a GRAHAM & POTT parfum is often tied to a significant occasion and its offer in the form of a gift is the most eloquent expression of warmth and affection.


To assure that its parfum creations meet the loftiest expectations, GRAHAM & POTT relies on an exclusive network of hand-picked cultivators, horticulturalists and harvesters. The House believes that it has an obligation to provide the very highest standards of excellence in its parfum complications, as decreed in The Great Seal of the House. Each GRAHAM & POTT patron will be aware of the dedication to nature which is encapsulated in every single parfum flacon bearing the emblem of GRAHAM & POTT.



To acquire a GRAHAM & POTT parfum is to become the custodian of an artistic and technical tradition of excellence that continues to inspire remarkable creations, with each parfum complication dedicated to perpetuating a unique legacy. The acquisition of a GRAHAM & POTT fragrance envelops the wearer with an individual and precious scent that enthrals through its olfactive brilliance. By expressing personality through choice of GRAHAM & POTT fragrance, patrons begin their own tradition.