REGAL SAFFRON Parfum Diffuser 1L
REGAL SAFFRON Parfum Diffuser 1L


REGAL SAFFRON Parfum Diffuser 1L

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GRAHAM & POTT’s passion for nature’s finest ingredients and the olfactive arts traditionally associated with fragrance-making has led to the House’s latest inception - REGAL SAFFRON.

Originating in Ancient Greece, the use of saffron spans over 3,500 years, where it was revered for its unique medicinal traits. REGAL SAFFRON’s spicy warmth is distinctly subtle and fragrant, with its sweet, sumptuous scent creating a captivatingly enigmatic aroma.

REGAL SAFFRON Diffuser symbolises the privileged relationship between GRAHAM & POTT and nature, paying tribute to the House’s deep-rooted ties with the most prestigious cultivators, horticulturists and harvesters; a bond which defines the spirit of the House and embodies its perpetual quest for transcendence.